Welcome to the Berding Consulting College Bookstore Demo Site!

Are you an off-campus bookstore owner?  Do you need a website that is desktop and mobile friendly that will let you sell and buy books from students?  This is the right place for you.

Explore the site, check out the buy and sell carts, and even take a look at the administration area.
Major Features:
  • Buy & Sell Books
  • Sell Non-Books (calculators, T-shirts, etc)
  • WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly
  • AmazonPepr.com
  • PayPal
  • USPS
Buyback Features:
  • Pay students with direct Paypal integration
  • Support for real-time Amazon Data
  • Support for multiple wholesale databases
  • Dynamic, real-time pricing
  • Sophisticated pricing rules 
  • USPS Label Generation
Buy Features:
  • Internal inventory-management system
  • Easy inventory entry include mass-upload tool
  • Integrated cart system with credit-card based payments
Additional Features:
  • API to provide buy & sell pricing to major comparison websites
  • Share-A-Sale integration on both Buy & Sell Orders for paying commissions
  • Open Source Code
  • Buy & Sell Coupon creation in the administration area
  • Can be fully customized by any web developer
  • Hosting services available
  • Professional integration and implementation assistance available