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Rent and buy used college textbooks. 

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<table style="width:100%">
    <td>Rent and buy used college textbooks</td>
    <td>Buy and sell other items, including calculators, Ipads, computers, and smartphones</td>
    <td>Guaranteed buyback credit program</td>
</table> Partners:
  • PayPal
  • USPS
Buyback Features:
  • Pay students with direct Paypal integration
  • Support for real-time Amazon Data
  • Support for multiple wholesale databases
  • Dynamic, real-time pricing
  • Sophisticated pricing rules
  • USPS Label Generation
Buy Features:
  • Internal inventory-management system
  • Easy inventory entry include mass-upload tool
  • Integrated cart system with credit-card based payments
Additional Features:
  • API to provide buy & sell pricing to major comparison websites
  • Share-A-Sale integration on both Buy & Sell Orders for paying commissions
  • Open Source Code
  • Buy & Sell Coupon creation in the administration area
  • Can be fully customized by any web developer
  • Hosting services available
  • Professional integration and implementation assistance available